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Is this your first time hiring a professional carpet cleaner?

If yes, we can help you with your common questions every new customer has.

When it comes to D&C Carpet Cleaning we are pretty lenient on our customers.

Step 1. Is the area you want professionally cleaned clear out as you desire? By this I mean is there any specific area you want to clean out more than others? Let us know ahead of time. clear any furniture like: chairs, lamps basically light weight furniture.

Most of the time there is no need to move the heavy ones if they have stayed in place for months/years.

Step 2.If there is anything bigger than a quarter on the floor we recommend you clear it out as well, since our machine will suction it.

Step 3. Are the areas vacuumed? If not, we do recommend doing so, our truck mounted equipment is powerful but it will clog our filter if there is too much... pet hair, debris, and food particles, which will take your service to be extended a little bit longer. (incase your in a hurry)

Step 4. D&C Carpet Cleaning advises you to let our techs know of any concerns or questions of your carpet before your service is started, we do a walk around to inspect what areas need to be treated beforehand. We also let you know beforehand if we will be able to remove spots or stains. D&C carpet Cleaning techs also do a black light test to inspect for any urine, or organic material. that needs to be treated.

Step 5. D&C Carpet Cleaning will require having some doors open for the hoses to come in and out of your home. Therefore, we do recommend to situate your pets in a safe place to prevent them from running out. Since our equipment is truck mounted it will be a little loud outside.

Step 6. Once your service is done you can do a little walk around (remember your carpet will be moist for 2-6hrs.) Your carpet will air dry. D&C Carpet Cleaning advises you to put a towel when you step out of the carpet to prevent falls, or slips. We thank you for choosing our small business for your carpet cleaning.


Images above are from real homes D&C Carpet Cleaning has serviced, after results and in the process, of steam cleaning. Feel free to contact us for any questions, concerns, or comments.


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